Documentation of the Distribution process



Our ROOTS e.V. relief consignment has been distributed at 11 Hospitals, Clinics and Health Centers in Bong, Montserrado & Lofa Counties. The Digital recorders we sent were received by 18 local Radio stations in Bong, Montserrado, Lofa and Nimba counties. Our Team in Liberia (at DEN-L) was very efficient in this endeavor and has filed us a comprehensive report about their activities.



The following 11 Hospitals/Health Centers in Montserrado, Bong & Lofa Counties were selected as beneficiaries:


- ELWA Hospital

- C.B. Dunbar Maternity Center

- Phebe Hospital

- Gbalatuah Clinic

- Samay Clinic

- Curran Hospital

- Telloweyan Hospital

- Bondi Clinic

- Duogami Clinic

- Kpardehmai Clinic

- Vesala Clinic


The presentation at each location was documented and aired on local and national media, including Radio and Television. Photos and video clips made at these presentations are being emailed to us for publication on this site. Due to slow internet, these documents cannot be sent to us all at once. They are being sent to us “in installments”. We will continue to upload them as they become available.




We would like to say "Thank you" again to you all for

helping us kick Ebola out of our country!!!

It was worth the hard work!!!




Arrival of ROOTS e.V. Donation in Liberia 


Our container arrived Monrovia during the last week of March 2015. We have been informed by our DEN-L coordinators, that it has already been cleared at the freeport of Monrovia... and as of 3rd April 2015, supplies from the consignment are being distributed to hospitals, EBOLA centers & clinics in Monrovia, Gbarnga, Voinjama & Ganta.


The distribution process is being duly documented by our out-staff on the ground. As soon as we receive those documentations, we will file them here online for your reference.


So stay tuned... 


Loading of our Container to Monrovia

After we were told by the German Bundeswehr, that they were no longer flying to Liberia, and therefore could not assist us with the transportation of our consignment (as previously laid out), we decided to send our consignment per sea-container to Liberia. The needed funds for the sea transport was raised between December 2014 and January 2015. 


On 13th February 2015, a number of us met in Borken/Südlohn to load our container. With the container now loaded and turned over to the spediteur & shipping line CMA-CGM, our project has thus concluded its European phase.


On arrival in Liberia, the consignment will be received and distributed amongst selected health & Ebola centers around the country by the NGO Developement Education Network Liberia (DEN-L).


We would like to take this time to thank our donors for heeding our call for help. We also say thanks to our members who collected needed items for our consignment. Our hard work, coupled with donations from our partners and well-wishers enabled us to put together an impressive package of medical goods with a total value of approx. 31,000 US dollars.


This consignment is now on its way to our people in Liberia.


We again say "thank you" to all of you, whose hardwork, material & financial donations made our project a huge success.


We hope we can continue to count on your support for future undertakings of this kind to help our people back home.


Thank you and God bless!


Some snapshots of different stages of our project:


Re-packing & Labelling have been completed!!


Many thanks to all those who showed up for the "re-packing & labelling" work which was undertaken yesterday (Nov. 8, 2014) in Borken.


Our special thanks go to our German counterparts Anna, her mom and sister who came over to assist us. To our members Pewee, Rosetta, Myra, George, Dorbor, James, our hosts Mr. Alex and Lydia Kollie and myself (John)... We say many thanks! Also on board were Arthur and Boimah who both also worked very hard.


As we always say; if we all just chip in our individual little quotas, we can surely accomplish big things! Thank you guys!


With the re-packing and labelling now completed, we have one more hurdle to take, after which our consignment will be on its way to our people, for whom we have been working so hard.


We still intend to have our consignment out of here by the end of this November.


*** We will keep you updated as usual ***

SnapShots from the re-packing/labelling activities:


Update... in pictures & videos.


click the below link for...


WDR TV's Report on our Project


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